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  • Support for energy workers as they retrain and transition in their careers.

  • A windfall tax on the oil companies that damaged our climate will help cover the costs.

  • Reversing the unsustainable depletion of natural resources for private profit,  a Labour government will put people before profit by bringing our energy and water systems into democratic public ownership.

  • A new UK national Energy Agency will own the nationaL grid.

  • 14 new Regional Energy Agencies will replace existing network operators.

  • The supply arms off the 'Big Six' energy companies will be brought into public ownership.

  • Labour pledge to support innovation in steel through research and development and in new technologies to develop manufacturing and engineering supply and in creating thousands of related jobs.  A clear aim to commit 3% of GDP to Research and Development related to the Green Industrial Revolution.

  • A commitment to support the automotive sector in an electric revolution and create a new plastics remanufacturing industry to end exports of plastic waste and create thousands of jobs.

  • Skills training will enable at least one million people to take up well-paid 'green' jobs and Climate Apprenticeships to offset the growing skills crisis.


  • Labour will build a sustainable, affordable, accessible and integrated public service transport system.

  • Bus services will be taken into public ownership to promote cost effective transport and Labour will make free bus travel available for under 25s.

  • Local bus services will be increased and expanded, poarticularly in rural communities.

  • Improvements in rail transport, with simpler and more affordable fares, integration of services, accessibility and safe staffing levels will be achieved through public ownership.

  • Under public ownership Crossrail will improve connectivity for the North and HS2 high-speed rail will extend to Scotland.  Upgrades of rail, rolling stock and signalling will support the benefits of Labour's Green Industrial Revolution.

  • The use of rail freight will reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and road congestion.

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