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  • A Labour Government will end the crisis in our health and care services, plan for the future and guarantee real-terms pay rises every year.

  • Legal status for the Agenda for Change, safe staffing limits, investment in training and development of NHS staff.

  • We will introduce a training bursary for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals and remove the obstacles to ethical international recruitment.

  • A Labour government will review tax and pension changes implemented by the Tory government to ensure that the workforce is fairly rewarded and that services are not adversely affected.

  • We will provide mental health support for staff and create a safe and flexible working environment that is free from harassment, bullying or violence.


  • A Labour government will ensure that the NHS are at the forefront of the development of genomics and cell therapies, for patients to benefit from new treatment s for cancer and dementia.

  • Establish a generic drug company to access fair prices for patented drugs, instead of being held to ransom by corporations that charge extortionate prices for life-saving drugs.

  • Promote the medical innovation model to ensure that rewards and incentives match there areas of greatest health need.

  • Ensure that all parts of the NHS, the treatment of patients, the employment of staff and medicine pricing are excluded and protected from any international trade deals.

  • We will progress clinically appropriate prescription of medical cannabis.

  • We will abolish prescription charges in England.

Social Care

  • To prevent the collapse of the social care system in this country, which has lost almost £8 billion from budgets since 2010 and left 1.5 million older people without the care they need, A Labour government will:

    • ​Build a comprehensive National Care Service for England to provide free community-based, person-centred personal care ​for older people, with the ambition to extend this provision to all working-age adults.

    • Ensure that our service works for everyone and that no one will face care costs of over £100,000 for the care they need in old age.

    • Through investment in social care services, more than double the number of people receiving publicly funded care packages.

    • Provide home support for autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

    • The National care Service will work in partnership with the NHS on a not for profit basis.

Labour will invest to end the social care crisis, end 15 minute care visits  and provide care workers with paid travel time, access to training and Asn option to choose regular hours.  We will increase the Carer's Allowance for unpaid full-time carers.

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