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  • Labour will make sure schools are properly resourced with increased long-term funding, while introducing a fairer funding formula that leaves no child worse off.

  • We will invest to upgrade schools that have fallen into disrepair.

  • All pupils will be taught by a qualified teacher and every school will be open five days a week, with a maximum class size of 30 for all primary school children.

  • We will fund more non-contact time for teachers to prepare and plan.

  • Labour will end the 'high stakes' testing culture of schools by scrapping Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs and baseline assessments, and refocussing assessment on supporting pupil progress.

  • We will introduce an Arts Pupils Premium to fund arts education for every primary school child.

  • We will end the fragmentation and marketisation of our school system by bringing free schools and academies back under the control of the people who know them best - parents, teachers and local communities.

  • Budget and day-to-day decisions will be transferred back to schools, overseen by an accountable governing body with elected representatives.

  • Local authorities will be responsible for the delivery of education and support for young people.  They will manage admissions, have responsibility for school places and have the power to open schools.

  • Regional offices of the National Education Service (NES) will oversee and coordinate schools, including continuous peer-to-peer school improvement.

  • Ofsted will be replaced with a new body designed to drive school improvement.

  • A new teacher supply service will tackle the waste of funds going to private agencies that has resulted from government's failure to recruit and retain experienced teachers.

  • Regulation of all education providers and reform of alternative provision (AP) will ensure that every child has the right to expect an excellent education, by improving the outcomes and life chances of every child including some of the most vulnerable children in society.

  • Free school meals will be provided for all primary school children, breakfast clubs will be encouraged and the cost of school uniforms will be tackled.

  • We will bring back the School Support Staff negotiating Body and national pay settlements for teachers.

  • Tax loopholes enjoyed by elite private schools will be closed and that money will be used to improve the lives of all children.

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