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Housing in the East of England


  • The country is facing a housing crisis.  The number of socially rented homes built has fallen over the past decade by 4,079 to 530 in the East of England, while private rent has gone up by an average of £2,064 over the last ten years.

  • Labour will be building 16,000 new council and social homes per year in the East of England by the end of the parliament.

  • Labour will also deliver new discounted homes for first-time buyers and a new charter of rights for private renters.

  • In the East of England, at least 484 people slept rough last year.  Labour will end rough sleeping within five years with a national plan driven by a Prime Minister-led Taskforce.

  • We will tackle the wider causes of homelessness, by raising the Local Housing Allowance in line with the 30th percentile of local rents, and earmarking an additional £1 billion a year for councils' homelessness services.

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