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  • Labour will create a Sustainable Investment Board with the Chancellor, Business Secretary and the Governor of the Bank of England working with trade unions and business.  

  • A National Transformation Fund of £400 billion will include £250 billion dedicated to renewable and low-carbon energy, transport, biodiversity and restoration of the environment.

  • We will create a National Investment Bank to oversee £250 billion of lending for enterprise, infrastructure and innovation, across 10 years, to decarbonise our economy, while increasing productivity and creating green jobs across the country.

  • Global companies, those who are responsible for carbon emissions, will be delisted from the London Stock Exchange.

  • Local Transformation Funds will back infrastructure projects at a local level in the regions and across the country.

  • Clear aim to have a net-zero-carbon energy system in the 2030s, 90% of electricity and 50% of heat will stem from renewable and low-carbon sources.

  • 7,000 new offshore wind turbines.

  • 2,000 new onshore wind turbines.

  • Solar panels covering the equivalent area of 22,000 football pitches.

  • New nuclear power, tidal energy and renewable, low-carbon, hydrogen technology.

  • A permanent ban on fracking.

The Environment in the East of England

  • Labour will implement a comprehensive Waste and Recycling Strategy, investing £200 million in new plastics recycling facilities for the East of England and introducing new measures such as bottle recycling schemes.

  • More than 1.8 million people across the East of England live in areas where air quality is illegally poor.  The Tories have lost in court three times over their failure to reduce air pollution.  Labour will introduce a new Clean Air Act to tackle the problem head-on.

  • We will create 10 new National Parks across the country in areas such as the Suffolk coast and will increase funding for existing National Parks in this area.

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