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  • Education makes our economy stronger, our society richer and our people more fulfilled.  Whether it is businesses finding people with the right skills, a tech start-up making our economy more dynamic, or more people in better paid work and able to contribute to public services, we all benefit from an educated society.

  • Education lets people develop their talents, overcomes injustices and inequalities and helps us understand each other and form social bonds.

  • The Conservatives have starved our education system of funding, transferring costs onto students, staff and communities.  They have lost sight of its value.

  • School budgets have been cut disproportionately in deprived areas.  Sure Start centres have been closed and underfunding has been experienced by those with special educational needs and disabilities.

​The National Education Service (NES)

  • At the heart of Labour's plan for real change, the National Education Service will provide free education for everyone throughout their lives and will nurture every child and adult to find a path that's right for them, by promoting all types of learning, skill and knowledge - technical, vocational, academic and creative.

Early Years

  • We will reverse cuts to Sure Start and create a new service, Sure Start Plus, with enough centres to provide a genuinely universal service, available in all communities, focussed on the under-2s.

  • All 2, 3 and 4-year-olds will be entitled to 30 hours of free preschool education per week and access to additional hours at affordable, standardised rates staggered with incomes.  We will also extend childcare provision for 1-year olds to ensure that childcare provision accommodates the working patterns of all parents.

  • Child development will be improved using a qualified, graduate-led workforce through free training to allow that workforce to attain qualifications on the job.

  • To cater for the significant investment needed, we will increase funding and end the fragmentation of the current system by funding providers directly.

  • To reverse Tory cuts, maintained nursery schools will be provided with sustainable, long-term funding to enable them to continue to provide high-quality service.

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