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  • This is a fully costed programme to upgrade our economy and transform our country.

  • We will kick-start a Green Industrial Revolution to tackle the climate emergency by shifting to renewable energy, investing in rail and electric cars, and making housing energy-efficient, to reduce fuel poverty and excess winter deaths.

  • We will create a million climate jobs in every region and nation of the UK - good, skilled jobs that will bring prosperity  back to parts of our country neglected for too long.

  • We will bring rail, mail, water and energy into public ownership to end the great privatisation rip-off and save you money on your fares and bills.

  • We will deliver full-fibre broadband free to everybody in every home in our country by creating a new public service, boosting the economy, connecting communities and putting money back in your pocket.

  • We will end food bank Britain, and lift children and pensioners out of poverty.

  • We will  bring a Real Living Wage of at least £10 per hour for all workers.  We will end insecurity and exploitation by ending zero-hours contracts and strengthening trade union rights.

  • Labour will create a National Education Service to provide support and opportunity throughout your life: from Sure Start centres to top quality early years education; well-funded schools with lower class sizes to free university tuition with no fees; and free lifelong learning, giving you the chance to reskill throughout your life.

  • Labour will give the NHS the funding it needs, end privatisation, and never let our health service be up for grabs in any trade negotiation.  We'll expand our NHS to offer free prescriptions for all and free basic dentistry, building on its founding principles.

  • We will end the social care crisis that has left 1.5 million elderly people without the care they need.  Labour will fund free personal care for older people and extra care packages.

  • We will reverse a decade of cuts to police and vital public services that have shown that you simply can't keep people safe on the cheap.

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