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Labour Party Candidate for Maldon Constituency selected 

Stephen Capper has been selected as the Labour Party Candidate for the Maldon constituency after passing selection procedures and beating off two other candidates at the Party’s Hustings event in South Woodham Ferrers last Thursday. Stephen is a serving Headteacher and has extensive experience in state education as a Teacher and Headteacher in Primary and Secondary schools. Stephen has also been the local Party’s Parliamentary Spokesperson and Youth Officer. In response to being selected Stephen said:

“I am delighted to have been selected as the prospective Labour Party candidate representing the Maldon constituency.  I am a local candidate and have lived in the area for nearly 30 years. I believe we can campaign positively for and beyond a General Election. We will be able to continue to fight for and represent the constituency whatever the election result. It is important for everyone that we build political capital in Maldon and across the Eastern Region.  We must expose the Government’s divisive agenda and bring forward Labour’s programme for change, to set the scene for a positive future built on the evidence and the issues; not on personalities and bluster.

The evidence I think is very clear: The impact of the Government’s austerity programme on so many people and families, vastly increased homelessness, it led tosevere lack of mental health services, decimated NHS services and an uncertain future for the jewel in our nation’s crown, depressed economic growth and desolate high streets, confused immigration, deterioration of law and order especially in rural areas and coastal towns, the increased cost of living particularly in energy and transport, the failure of universal credit, cash starved social care, underfunded support for people with special needs and disabilities, unclear foreign policy, reduced international development, swingeing education funding cuts and of course the chaotic handling of Brexit.

The issues from nine years of Tory Government are applied here in our constituency, people will care about the national picture but they are directly affected by the impact locally, on local actions, schools, hospitals, services, the cost of living and what that means for them and their families.  The issue of Brexit is full of broken promises and broken laws and no progress. Labour has the only intelligent position on Brexit which is to respect the original binary vote - strike a deal – put it to the people – and allow everyone to move on to an agreed post-Brexit world. We must create the conditions that allow people to come together locally behind a clear position that is clearly explained.

The biggest issue of all though is climate change and the environmental crisis that affects us all. Only the Labour Party stands for a Green New Deal that is the most radical statement in recent political history.  This is a common issue, based on clear evidence that impacts on everyone and requires urgent and committed action by Government. I stand ready to fully support the change required and to positively promote the Green New Deal.”

Chair of the local Labour Party Les McDonald said: ‘Maldon CLP needs a local Labour candidate who knows the area, the issues and can connect with a wide range of people and groups.  Stephen will fight for our constituency on the evidence and the issues so that we build a stronger local Labour movement, generate that support and ensure that our constituency is well represented locally, regionally and nationally.”

Ring 07743793066 or email maldonlabourparty@yahoo.co.uk if you want to know more about the Maldon Labour Party