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The NHS in the 2019 Manifesto

  • decade of Tory cuts has pushed our public services to breaking point.  Labour offers real change - we will make Britain's public services the best and most extensive in the world.

The NHS and Social Care

  • Tory health cuts and privatisations have pushed out greatest institution to the brink.  Hospitals are crumbling, equipment is outdated and community facilities are neglected.

  • There are 100,000 vacancies including a shortage of 43,000 nurses.

  • There are 15,000 fewer hospital beds.

Fixing the NHS

  • Investment in the NHS - Labour will increase funding across the health sector by 4.3% to allow an end to patient charges, to promote guaranteed standards of health care and provide investment in education for the health workforce and to restore public health grants.  This investment will promote:

  • Stabilisation of overstretched A&E departments.

  • Improve stroke, heart disease and cancer survival rates through earlier diagnosis and improved screening.

  • An end to, and reversal of, privatisation in the NHS in the next parliament.

  • Ensure that services are delivered in-house.

  • Halt the firesaleof NHS land and assets.

  • Complete confirmed hospital rebuilds and invest more in primary care.

  • Introduce free annual NHS dental check-ups.

  • Ensure the NHS becomes a net-zero-carbon service.

  • Ensure that health and care become more joined-up and integrate and co-ordinater care through public bodies.

  • A planned model of joined-ip community care.

  • Improved access to primary care, mental health and social care.

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